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Building your wealth, one SIP at a time

Presenting the NEW Paterson SIP service - a Systematic Investment Plan through ECS brought to you by Paterson Securities (P) Ltd.

With this service you can invest into

A stable and appreciative asset which has been known to be the bedrock of investment practices, especially in India – Gold (Gold ETFs),
Indian Equity based ETFs (such as NIFTY, Banking, Infrastructure, etc.) to benefit from the equity markets,
International Equity Markets ETFs (HangSeng),
Mutual Funds,

Product Details

Invest in Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) / Mutual Funds / Stocks through a Systematic Investment Plan on a Weekly and/or Monthly basis.
SIP Options:

Asset Class Investment Frequency SIP Service Model Min. No. of monthly SIP Installments Min. initial subscription amount
Gold ETF Weekly Approx. 2 units per week* 12 25,000/- p.m.
Monthly Approx. 4 units per week* 12 10,000/- p.m.
Equity Monthly Select stocks to be purchased based on prevailing market price at the time of purchase 12 10,000/- p.m.
Mutual Funds / Other ETFs Monthly Select MFs / Other ETFs to be purchased based on the prevailing NAV at the time of purchase 12 10,000/- p.m.

Are subject to changes at short notice. For details visit our website or contact any of our branches / offices.
*Units to be bought at the prevailing Gold ETF NAV at the time of purchase.
NOTE: 1 unit of Gold ETF is equivalent to approximately 1 gram of gold.


Client ECS Mandate Form (for NEW and Existing investors)
Demat and Trading accounts with Paterson Securities (P) Ltd (for NEW investors)
Fund Transfer & Sattelment
Funds transfer to be done on 10th of every month via SIP
Settlement cycle will be on T+2 day


Regular purchase of the selected asset class units as per the SIP mandate provided by the investor
Daily e-contract notes sent to investor's e-mail
Online access to holding and transaction statements
Centralized Billing
      • To simplify the administrative aspects of your investments, we send contract notes, DP bills, transaction                statements, etc. directly to the investors thereby saving cost as well the hassles of compliance management.


Gold ETFs have an in-built AMC expense ratio of less than 1% p.a. as part of the NAV by the concerned by Asset Management Companies.
(Normally Equity Mutual Funds have an expense ratio of 2 to 2.5% p.a.)
Charges such as Bank ECS charge, brokerage and DP charges would be debited to the client as and when incurred. Other statutory charges, taxes would be billed on actuals.

The information in this publication was developed using data which Paterson Securities (P) Ltd assumes to be accurate; nevertheless, Paterson Securities (P).Ltd accepts no liability and offers no guarantee. The availability of such information does not constitute a recommendation to buy or sell any of the securities/assets discussed therein. Statements made in this publication can be changed without prior notice.

The investment products are subject to market risks and there can be no assurance or guarantee that the objective of any of the scheme will be achieved. We launch a new product for trading and Investment opportunities and do that to the best of our abilities. However, prices can fluctuate due to a number of factors, all of which are impossible for anyone to foresee. Investors are advised to invest in the product at their own discretion and will be solely responsible factors, all of which are impossible for anyone to foresee. Investors are advised to invest in the product at their own discretion and will be solely responsible for their actions. Please read this information note carefully before investing. Terms and conditions apply.

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