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Equip is a Perfect Market Information and Analysis platform designed for investors and traders alike.

It combines live data with advanced tools & functions and intuitive user interface to deliver unparalleled Market experience. It empowers the trader with Information and tools that help spot opportunities and capitalize on them.


Live and historical charts (Split adjusted data for 10 years)
Buy / Sell Signals for MA cross over and MACD Signal
Five Chart Types – Line, Candle, Bar, OHLC, HLC
Over 50 Technical Indicators & 10 Line Studies including Super Trend
Different Price Styles – Point & Figure, Renko etc.
Compare Multiple Charts – Stock & Indices
Intra-day candle update on historical chart
Create and save multiple chart Templates


Bulk & Block Deals, Gross Delivery Data, Recent IPO Performance, FII Activity, Board Meetings.
End of Day reports: Over 25 EOD reports provide great insights into previous trading session.
Auto Rollover of Future contracts in Watch list
Option chain: Filtered by Active, in the money, out of money, near, next, far options
Change in OI across strike prices in the form of a bar graph
Put/Call ratio for stock & Indices for the selected underlying
% Roll Over Live in Open Interest
Options calculator: Black Scholes;
Most Active Futures: In Index Futures and in Stock Futures
Most Bullish & Bearish Futures by Premium and Discount
Open Interest Gainers and Losers
F & O Scrips as a Pre-defined group


Live Scanner: Scans the Market for new Highs and lows for the day, week, month, 2 months and year. Futures are scanned for new highs & lows.
Trend Scanner: Scans the Market for stocks that are trading Bullish or Bearish based on user selection from a list of 6 different criteria for each.
Trend scanner also scans for % OI gainers and losers for near month Futures
Resistance & Support Stock watch: Stocks breaching Resistance or support levels automatically get included in this watch list
Unusual Volume: Stocks that are trading up or down on unusually high volumes
Intra-day recovery/fall: Stocks that have recovered most from the intra-day low and Stocks that have fallen most from intra-day high.
Opportunity Finder (Equity): Scans the Market for opportunities based on a combination of 3 user selected criteria.
Top Stocks: Top Gainers, Top losers, Volume leaders and Turnover toppers. For Cash & Futures separately
All Market Time & Sales Scanner: Trades above user specified Volume or / and Traded value will get listed here.
Open Vs High / Low: Scrips whose open = high or low and Scrips whose open is greater than Previous day high or lower than Previous day’s Low
Alerts (Equity): Users can set Price / Volume / Change alerts for a stock and view status at the Centralized Alert management tool.

Last but not the least, we present you the most powerful tool at your disposal.


Equip equips you with a charting setup that gives you a buy/sell signalin the form of buy and sell arrows in the chart as and when a signal is created. The arrows stay there for your reference.

Equip has a set of five strategies that provide you with BUY and SELL Signals.
All the five strategies are given with customizable parameters to adjust the signals to your liking.
For your convenience, the buy/sell signals could be set to appear default in the template.

If you are an already existing client, please contact your dealer to get a demo of Equip.

Please contact us @ with your contact information to get a demo today.

The information in this publication was developed using data which Paterson Securities (P) Ltd assumes to be accurate; nevertheless, Paterson Securities (P).Ltd accepts no liability and offers no guarantee. The availability of such information does not constitute a recommendation to buy or sell any of the securities/assets discussed therein. Statements made in this publication can be changed without prior notice.

The investment products are subject to market risks and there can be no assurance or guarantee that the objective of any of the scheme will be achieved. We launch a new product for trading and Investment opportunities and do that to the best of our abilities. However, prices can fluctuate due to a number of factors, all of which are impossible for anyone to foresee. Investors are advised to invest in the product at their own discretion and will be solely responsible factors, all of which are impossible for anyone to foresee. Investors are advised to invest in the product at their own discretion and will be solely responsible for their actions. Please read this information note carefully before investing. Terms and conditions apply.

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